Free Printable Babysitting Information Sheet

Use this free printable babysitting information sheet to leave all of the most important details for the babysitter all in one place. There’s room to mark kids’ food preferences, favorite activities, sleep schedules, emergency numbers, and more.

Free Printable Babysitting Information Sheet from

There is nothing more precious to us than our sweet kids. When we have to go away, we want to make sure they’re well taken care of when we’re not with them!

There is so much information we want to make sure we relay to the babysitter– food preferences, sleep habits, play routines, emergency numbers, and more. We need an easy, organized way to keep track of it all.

We just happen to have a pretty printable babysitter information sheet (in two cute color schemes!) for you today so you can ensure that your sitter has all of the important details they need to know.

Babysitter Information Sheet Printable

Whether you’re going out to dinner for a few hours or leaving the kids with the grandparents for the weekend, this sheet will be a helpful resource for putting everything they need to know all in one place.

You can snag the free printable babysitter information sheet by clicking on the button below.

Free Babysitter Information Printable from

Babysitter Checklist Printable

This printable can house all of the most important details that the babysitter will need to know all in one place so your sitter always knows where to check when they have questions.

  • There’s room for parent contact information and basic stats about the children.
  • The printable has spaces to share food preferences and routines for nap time, playtime, bedtime, and more.
  • You can leave contact important contact information they may need in case of an emergency– a specific emergency contact like a neighbor or grandparent, the pediatrician, and poison control.
  • And of course there’s a spot to write down the all-important wifi info as well!

Hang this sheet on the fridge, leave it on the kitchen island, place it in your command center, or leave it in another central location in your home that will be easy for the babysitter to access if he or she needs to reference it for any reason.

Free Babysitter Checklist Printable, Part of the Home Management Binder at

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Tips for Using the Free Printable Emergency Contact Form for Babysitter

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Did you know that you don’t have to print out a new babysitter information sheet every time the sitter comes over?

Since most of the information on this sheet will stay the same for at least a little while, it would be a great one to fill out, laminate, and keep in a convenient spot.

Our Favorite Laminator

We’ve had this thermal laminator for years and use it all the time to help make our printables reusable!

That way, you won’t have to fill out a new one each time, and you can use a dry erase marker to fill in your destination and/or additional contact numbers.

If you find your child’s info is changing frequently (if you have an infant, for example) or you’d like to curtail the information to various sitters, of course feel free to print a new sheet any time you need it!

Info for the Babysitter free Printable, Part of the Home Binder at

Activities for the Kids to Do with a Babysitter

If kids aren’t used to staying with a babysitter, one way to help ease their nerves is to have fun special activities ready for them to do when the babysitter comes over. If you’re looking for some creative activities for the babysitter to do with the kids, try these ideas:

Most of these activities are adaptable for any age, and they can be a fun way for the kiddos to bond with the babysitter as well!

There’s more where that came from!

The babysitter information sheet is part of our Home Binder! See all of the pages in the free printable Home Management Binder here.

Babysitter Checklist Printable: Final Thoughts

It can be a challenge to leave the kids with a babysitter, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Our babysitter information sheet can help you make sure you don’t forget to tell them the most important details about your children.

When parents get a break so they can relax and refresh, everyone is happier! We hope that our free printable babysitting information sheet will help make your next date night, mom’s night out, dad’s night, or other special event a little easier.

Babysitting Information Sheet: Frequently Asked Questions

The information sheet you leave for the babysitter should include:

  • Parent(s)’ contact information
  • Emergency contact information
  • Any special medical, physical, social, or other needs the child(ren) may have
  • Food options and/or preferences
  • Information about sleep schedule and routines
  • Details about what activities are permitted/preferred (and activities to stay away from, if applicable)

You will find all of this information on our free printable babysitter information sheet, which you can download in the post above.

Babysitting rates can vary based on experience, number of children, location, and responsibilities you expect the sitter to take on.

For a breakdown of average hourly rates for babysitters by state, see this post.

Ideal babysitting age can vary based on maturity, experience, how well the babysitter knows the child(ren), and location.

Most states do not provide a legal age for people to begin babysitting, but some have a minimum age at which a child can be left alone. You can see the state-by-state breakdown here.

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Free Printable Babysitting Information Sheet at

Happy Organizing!

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