Free Printable House Cleaning Schedule & Cleaning Checklist

This free printable house cleaning schedule will help you plan out your daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly cleaning routine and stick to it long-term! Complete the tasks, check off the items on your cleaning checklist, and your house will be looking neat and tidy in no time!

Free Printable House Cleaning Schedule from

If you’ve ever Googled “cleaning schedule,” the results that came up may have felt a bit overwhelming. Daily task lists with 10+ bullet points. Tons of deep cleaning every week. And hundreds of tasks to stay on top of throughout the year.

Um, no thanks? 😉

Instead, we’ve created a free printable house cleaning schedule checklist that you can adapt to fit your home, routines, and preferences. And if you’re not quite sure what to put on your list, don’t worry! We’ll help with that in this post too.

Why do I need a cleaning schedule?

Creating a house cleaning schedule helps us form those all-important habits. The thought of cleaning our entire house may feel like a huge chore, but once we break it down into manageable pieces and make it a habit, it happens way more naturally in our day and feels less like work.

The key is to be consistent with our cleaning tasks over time so we can build those solid routines. And you know what can help create that consistency?

A cleaning checklist!

Checking off items on a list can help give accountability, motivation, and a little burst of satisfaction when we’ve completed the job. So let’s jump in and start creating our perfect cleaning schedule.

Snag the Free Printable Cleaning Checklist

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First things first: download our free printable house cleaning schedule (which comes in two cute color schemes!) by clicking on the button below.

Now let’s work together to fill out the cleaning checklist and create the perfect schedule for your household.

How Often You Should Clean Everything

It would be really easy for us to just say, “Here’s your printable! Have at it!” And if you already know what cleaning tasks you’d like to put in each category, go ahead and fill it in!

But if you’re not quite sure which tasks should happen when, we can certainly help with that!

The “perfect” cleaning schedule for your household will depend on your priorities, preferences, time you have available, and stage of life. Below, we have ideas for cleaning tasks that can be completed daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. You can choose the ones that are the best fit for you and add them to your personal cleaning schedule.

Daily Cleaning Tasks

There are some tasks that can be helpful to complete each day in order to keep our homes running smoothly. These can certainly vary a bit from household to household, but here are a few ideas of items you could list in the “daily” section of your cleaning checklist:

  • make the bed
  • wash dishes
  • straighten up
  • complete a load of laundry
  • wipe down counters
  • sweep/vacuum if needed
  • manage mail/other paper clutter
  • empty kitchen trash

Weekly Cleaning Tasks

Whether we complete one of these items per day or knock it all out at the same time once per week, here are some ideas we could add to the “weekly” section of our free printable cleaning checklist:

  • dust surfaces
  • clean the bathrooms
  • vacuum/sweep/mop
  • wash sheets and towels
  • throw out expired food
  • empty trash cans throughout the house
  • clean the microwave
  • reset the house, putting everything back in its spot
Free Printable Home Cleaning Checklist from

Monthly Cleaning Tasks

Staying on top of these tasks each month can keep our house looking and feeling clean– and that’s the best feeling! Here are some items to consider adding to the “monthly” section of your cleaning checklist:

  • clean the baseboards
  • clean the inside of the windows + window sills
  • wipe down cabinets and drawer fronts
  • dust blinds
  • dust/clean light fixtures and ceiling fans
  • wipe down light switches and door knobs
  • clean and disinfect trash can

Quarterly Cleaning Tasks

These types of cleaning projects are easy to overlook but if they’re left undone for a long period of time, they could cause our items to wear out prematurely. Consider adding a few of these items to the quarterly section of your house cleaning schedule:

  • deep clean appliances
  • polish wood furniture
  • launder pillows and comforters/duvets
  • vacuum mattresses
  • deep clean/launder rugs
  • wash the shower curtain liner
  • clean the shower head
  • vacuum under/behind larger pieces of furniture
  • deep clean the car

Yearly Cleaning Tasks

And finally, some tasks only need to happen once per year! Adding these items to our cleaning checklist will remind us to stay on top of them, even if they only happen infrequently:

  • deep clean carpets
  • wash curtains
  • wipe down walls
  • clean out gutters
  • clean outside windows
  • clean patio/deck surfaces and furniture
  • power wash the house exterior
  • declutter cabinets, drawers, and closets
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How to Use the House Cleaning Schedule

Once we have all of the categories filled out on our cleaning schedule, we like to laminate it and use a wet erase marker to check off the boxes. This allows us to use the same sheet week after week, month after month, and year after year, rather than having to constantly reprint and update our cleaning checklist.

Our Favorite Laminator

We’ve had this thermal laminator for years and use it all the time to help make our printables reusable!

We also recommend hanging the cleaning checklist somewhere that you pass often so it will act as a reminder to complete the listed tasks.

Remember: One of the big goals of the house cleaning schedule is to help us develop consistent habits so that cleaning tasks become a more natural part of our day rather than a huge chore that we’re always dreading. If it helps, set alerts on your phone to remind you to do certain tasks at specific times until it becomes ingrained into your day-to-day schedule.

House Cleaning Schedule: Final Thoughts

While cleaning tasks are necessary to keep our homes healthy and tidy, they don’t have to be daunting and unpleasant! When we break down the cleaning into small, manageable pieces it can be worked into the margins of our day so it doesn’t end up taking an overwhelming amount of time.

I hope that this cleaning checklist and the ideas in this post have helped you to prioritize your cleaning tasks and create a realistic schedule that will work for you and your entire household.

And as a final reminder– let’s give ourselves some grace! If a monthly task only ends up happening quarterly or a quarterly task only happens once per year, we can celebrate the victory of getting it done rather than feeling discouraged that it didn’t happen as often as we had planned. Life can be a lot to juggle, and you’re doing great!

There’s more where this came from!

The cleaning checklist is part of our free printable Home Binder! See all of the Home Management Binder printables in this post.

Home Cleaning Checklist: Frequently Asked Questions

A cleaning schedule should include all cleaning tasks that you want to prioritize in your home. We’ve found that it’s helpful to break down the tasks into daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly segments.

The free printable cleaning checklist and task suggestions in this post should be able to help you create the ideal home cleaning schedule for your house.

We are always in favor of cleaning products that are simple, safe, and effective. See this list from Today for a rundown of top rated cleaning products.

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Happy Organizing!

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