Free Meal Plan Printables (and 150+ Easy Dinner Ideas!)

These free meal plan printables will help you organize your menu for the week– and we even give you more than 150 easy dinner ideas so you’ll know exactly what to cook!

Free Meal Planning Printables and 100+ Easy Dinner Ideas at

Y’all, meal planning can be tough. (I mean, can you believe our family wants to eat every single day? 😂)

We are always looking for ways to make the meal planning process easier, so not only do we have pretty meal plan printables for you today (in two cute color schemes!), but we also have more than 150 easy dinner ideas that you can steal as well!

Should we jump right into it?!

Weekly Meal Plan Printables

Our days always go more smoothly when we have our meals all planned out.

Everyone can easily look and see what we’re having so we’re all on the same page.

Kids can easily choose lunch and snack options from what’s listed, making them more independent.

And everyone in the family can help get meals started because they can clearly see what’s on the menu!

Weekly Meal Plan Printable, Part of the Free Printable Home Management Binder at

The meal plan printable has space to list breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack plans or ideas for each day of the week, so you’ll never have to hear, “What are we having?!” again. 🙂

Download the Weekly Meal Plan printable (in 2 color schemes) by clicking the button below.

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Easy Dinner Ideas Printable

Half the battle of making the meal plan each week is figuring out what we want to make for dinner. We’ve found that having a quick reference sheet for favorite meal ideas helps this process go a lot faster, so we made a printable for that too!

Favorite Meal Ideas Planning Printable at

The meal ideas printable is broken down by category so you can easily find the type of meal you’re looking for at a glance. You can download it (in two color schemes) by clicking the button below.

Not sure what to put on your “Favorite Meal Ideas” printable? We can help with that! See the list below for tons of ideas from each category.

There’s more where that came from!

The meal planning printables are part of our Home Binder! See all of the pages in our free printable Home Management Binder in this post.

List of Meals for Dinner (150+ Simple and Yummy Supper Ideas!)

And we would never leave you hanging! We have more than 150 easy dinner ideas (broken down into the same categories as the printable) to help you fill out your planning page!

Poultry / Chicken Dinner Ideas

Dinner Ideas with Beef

100+ Easy Dinner Ideas and Free Meal Planning Printables at

Dinner Ideas with Pork

Seafood Dinner Ideas

Meal Planning Printables Free, Part of the Free Printable Home Management Binder at

Pasta Dinner Ideas / Italian Night

Vegetarian Meal Ideas

Mexican Dinner Ideas

Free Weekly Meal Plan and Huge List of Dinner Ideas at

Asian Meal Ideas

Soup and Salad Family Dinner Ideas

Meal Ideas with Sandwiches

Whew! That was a lot of meal ideas! Hopefully you were able to find plenty of easy dinners to add to your favorites printable. (If you found too many, feel free to print two or more to fit all of your favorites!)

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Free Meal Plan Printables + Easy Dinner Ideas: Final Thoughts

We hope this post will help make planning your meals a lot easier going forward! We also have a free printable grocery list if that would be helpful.

Feeding our families shouldn’t be complicated. These meal planning printables can help streamline the process and save you time so you have more time to spend on the people and activities you love!

Meal Plan Printables: Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend the following steps for creating your meal plan:

  1. Print the meal planning printables.
  2. Look at your schedule to figure out which meals you’ll need to plan.
  3. Use your list of Favorite Meal Ideas to fill in your meal plan for the week.
  4. Grab our grocery list and add all of the ingredients for the meals you have planned.
  5. Head to the store and shop or place your grocery order from home.
  6. Enjoy delicious meals with your household!
  7. Repeat as needed. The process will get quicker the more you do it!

See our huge list of dinner ideas in this post to find a meal that fits your time constraints and preferred tastes in whichever category you’re craving!

We recommend visiting the sandwich or salad categories if you’re looking for quick dinner ideas. Or check and see which proteins you already have on hand at home and visit the chicken, beef, pork, or seafood sections to find a meal to make!

There sure is! Look for the big pink buttons in this post to download your free printable meal planner and “Favorite Meal Ideas” list!

Want to save this post for later? Be sure to pin the image below so you can find it easily!

Free Printable Meal Planning Printables with 150+ Easy Dinner Ideas at

Happy Organizing!

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