5+ Free Printable Goal Setting Worksheets that Get Results

Free printable goal setting worksheets can help you brainstorm areas you’d like to work on, set your priorities, and create an action plan to follow to get results and achieve your most important goals!

Goal setting tends to be a popular topic at the beginning of January. Then as the year goes on, we get busy, life happens, and all thoughts of goals fall by the wayside.

We get to the end of the year, realize we didn’t complete our goals (again!), and start the cycle all over again in January, vowing that *this* will be our year!

But what if we told you that this year could actually be the year?! And that if you’re reading this on a day other than January 1st, you can still start working toward your goals today. No need to wait!

We just so happen to have some pretty little printables to help you get there. Let’s get started!

Why Is Goal Setting Important?

We all get the same amount of time in a year. (And in a month. And in a day.) Setting goals helps us decide how we’ll spend our time.

Without goals, we will inevitably fall into our same old routines, get to the end of the year, and feel disappointed that our lives haven’t improved in the ways we hoped they would.

When we make goals though, we are able to use them to direct our time to create new, healthier habits and routines that can lead to better physical health, an improved financial picture, a tidier home that we love to spend time in, a promotion or raise at work, and more.

Most things that we want to achieve aren’t accomplished by one single burst of effort. They are the result of showing up consistently over time, chipping away at our goal little by little until we complete it.

Goals can help us use the time we have in a more positive way and leave us with a pretty exciting end result. But in order to get there, in order to accomplish those goals, we’re going to need to make a plan. And that’s what our pretty printables can help us do.

Goal Setting Worksheets, Part of the Free Printable Home Maintenance Binder at freeorganizingprintables.com

Free Printable Goal Setting Worksheets

Ready to set some goals that can have a big impact on the trajectory of your entire life? (We know that sounds dramatic, but it’s true!) Because we know that everyone approaches goals a little differently, we’ve included five different goal worksheet templates to choose from.

As always, they are available in two cute color schemes, so yes– that’s 10 total goal setting printables! Snag the worksheet(s) of your choice by clicking on the buttons in the post below.

Set of 5 free printable goal setting worksheet templates, part of the Life Planning Binder at freeorganizingprintables.com

Goal Setting Worksheet for Brainstorming

One way to start the goal setting process is by brainstorming. There are probably several different areas of our life where we’d like to make positive changes, and writing them down is a great place to start.

My Yearly Goals Printable Worksheet, Part of the Free Printable Home Management Binder at freeorganizingprintables.com

The “My Yearly Goals” worksheet is broken down into some of the most common goal setting categories to give people a place to start brainstorming. Then we also provided a blank sheet so people can come up with their own categories if they have goals that don’t fit into the ones we’ve provided.

When brainstorming about our goals, we can fill in as many or as few of the categories as we’d like. Our goals can be big or small, short-term or long-term.

Writing them down doesn’t mean that we’re committing to that goal right now. And we definitely don’t have to come up with goals in every area. Brainstorming just allows us to jot down things that, if we made them happen, would improve our life in some way. Then later we can pinpoint which goals we want to prioritize first.

Worksheet for Planning Out a Big Goal

For this goal setting worksheet, we’ll choose one big goal that we want to work on. Maybe we choose a goal that would have the most positive impact on our life if we were to complete it. Maybe we choose one that we’re feeling especially motivated to start working on. Or, though it might sound cheesy, maybe we pick the one we would work on if we knew we wouldn’t fail at it.

On the Goal Setting Worksheet, there’s room to write our goal at the top and take a few minutes to record some thoughts on why we want to complete this goal. What benefits will we get to enjoy when it’s complete? How would completing this goal make us feel? How will our life improve once we’ve conquered it?

Goal Setting Worksheet, Part of the Free Printable Home Binder at freeorganizingprintables.com

Once we’ve chosen the goal we want to tackle and know why we want to work on that particular goal, it’s time to make a plan of action. Our action plan should help us develop new habits that, when done consistently over time, will help us to achieve our big goal.

Examples of Action Steps

So for example, let’s say that our big goal is to declutter our entire house in the next year, working on one room each month.

  • My first action step could be to make a schedule, assigning a room to each month.
  • My second action step could be to put a specific date and time on my calendar (with reminders in my phone!) of when to work on the space that month.
  • Then my third action step could be to show up on the designated day and time, put on my favorite playlist or audiobook, and get to work!

We can use the space provided on the worksheet to plan out the action steps for our big goal. While we’re at it, we can establish a deadline for when we want our goal to be complete so we have a specific timeframe to shoot for.

Goal Setting Worksheet for Breaking Down Big Goals, Part of the Free Printable Home Maintenance Binder at freeorganizingprintables.com

There’s space at the bottom of this work sheet to make an accountability plan. Who will we tell about our goal that can hold us accountable for completing it?

And finally, promising ourselves a reward can help us stay motivated to continue working on our big goal until it’s complete.

Smart Goal Setting Printable

We often hear that we should be setting “smart” goals. This means that our goals should be…

  • Specific- What exactly do we want to accomplish?
  • Measurable- How will we know when we’ve accomplished our goal?
  • Attainable- Can we realistically achieve this goal with effort?
  • Relevant- How does this goal fit with our larger goals or life’s purpose?
  • Time-Bound- What is our deadline for completing this goal?

This framework is a helpful way to make sure that we’re setting the right types of goals, and this “Setting Smart Goals” printable walks us through that process step by step.

Setting Smart Goals Free Printable, freeorganizingprintables.com

Following the prompts, we simply answer each question in the box to formulate all of the different aspects of our smart goal. Then in the box at the bottom, we bring all of the information together to formulate our final goal.

Setting Long-Term Goals

If we have a really big goal that will take several years to complete, this long-term goal setting worksheet can help us break it down into more manageable pieces.

Long Term Goal Setting Worksheet, Part of the Free Life Planning Binder at freeorganizingprintables.com

Start by Thinking Long-Term

We like to think of long-term goals as an inverted triangle. At the top– the widest part of the triangle– we have a huge goal that we want to accomplish. For example, maybe we want to save for a down payment on a house. This might seem like a lot on its own, so we want to break it down into smaller steps.

Think About Just This Year

We narrow our focus a little bit, thinking about what we will need to achieve this year to start working on our big goal. So thinking about our downpayment goal, maybe this year it feels manageable to save $12,000 toward that downpayment.

Break It Down by Month

That’s still a big goal, so we can narrow it a little further, defining what needs to happen this month for us to stay on track toward reaching our goal. In our downpayment example, that means that we’d need to save $1,000 this month to reach our yearly goal of $12,000 and our long-term goal of having the downpayment to buy a house.

What can we do this week?

As we continue down our inverted triangle and narrow our focus even more, we can start to define what action steps we want to take this week. If we want to save $1,000 this month, this week we need to set aside $250.

What are some actions we can take daily?

Our goal starts feeling more and more manageable as we narrow it! Our final step on this sheet is to define some daily action items that we can start working on today to make our goal happen.

  • Maybe we can set up an automatic transfer from our checking account to our savings account.
  • Maybe we can start looking into side hustles we can do to make some extra cash.
  • Or maybe we go over our budget and find ways to cut down on expenses so we can save more.

Suddenly, our big, long-term goal doesn’t seem nearly as daunting. This sheet helps us break things down so we know exactly what we have to do today to start working toward our major goal.

Goal Tracker Template

Our final goal worksheet is not so much for setting goals, but more for keeping track of how far we’ve come with our goals!

This handy chart measures our goal 5% at a time, allowing us to color in the amount we’ve finished and giving us a visual representation of how far we’ve come.

Goal Tracker Printable at freeorganizingprintables.com

It can be really motivating to see our progress in this way. We will naturally want to fill in more and more of the chart, pushing to get toward the top. It feels like a small win every time we get to fill in another 5%!

Want to set goals as a family?

Grab our free family goals worksheets in this post!

Using the Goal Worksheets to Create Habits

A huge part of setting goals is developing habits that will help us consistently work toward our goal. Once we have broken down one goal and are consistently keeping up with the habits to help us reach that goal, we can choose another goal and begin to incorporate new habits for the second goal as well.

Once we have habits in place, our action steps come more naturally and feel less like work. And that is the ultimate goal– to form new healthy habits that will stick with us for life, not just for a short stint of time.

(And if you feel stretched for time or worry that you’ll lose steam on your first goal, don’t feel like you need to add another one! If staying with a single focus until your goal is complete works better for you, go for it.)

There’s more where that came from!

The free printable goal setting worksheets are part of our Life Planning Binder! See the entire free printable Life Planning Binder and snag your copy in this post.

Free Printable Goal Setting Worksheets: Final Thoughts

We hope these goal setting worksheets will help you to get the results you’ve been looking for! Setting and achieving goals can definitely be a challenge, but if we plan out our action steps and focus on building new consistent habits, we can absolutely crush it.

We can’t wait to see all that you accomplish in the next year and beyond!

Free Printable Goal Setting Worksheets: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some examples of common personal goals that people set:

  • Read a certain number of books per year
  • Exercise a certain number of times per week
  • Save a certain amount of money
  • Acquire additional skills and/or degrees in order to move up the ladder in a career
  • Invite friends over a certain number of times per month
  • Go on dates with a significant other a certain number of times per month
  • Start a creative hobby
  • Learn how to play a new sport or improve at a current sport
  • Devote a certain amount of time per day to prayer or meditation
  • Focus on being more positive in our self talk each day
  • Find ways to serve, encourage, or care for others a certain number of times per week
  • Declutter and organize the house
  • Travel to a specific destination
  • Buy a new house, car, or other significant purchase

Goals become more realistic when we break them down into smaller pieces. Even if we can’t achieve our ultimate goal in the next 12 months, we can still take smaller steps, develop healthy habits, and chip away at it little by little.

For example, if our goal is to pay off $50,000 in debt, we may start by putting an extra $100 toward our principal payment per month. It may not seem like much at first, but when applied consistently over time (and added to when possible!), we will be able to pay off the entire amount and eventually achieve our goal.

SMART goals are…

  • Specific- clear and well defined
  • Measurable- include specific criteria and a definable outcome
  • Attainable- achievable, not impossible
  • Realistic- within reach, given the time and resources available
  • Time-Bound- has a specific deadline

Many people refer to the SMART acronym when setting goals to make sure that their goals are well formulated, which makes them more likely to be achieved.

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