5+ Free Printable Weekly Planner Templates

Choose from more than 5 cute free printable weekly planner template options and get ready to have your most productive weeks yet!

Free Weekly Planning Printables, part of the Life Planning Binder at freeorganizingprintables.com

One of the things we use printables for most is planning. There’s just something about writing down our plans that helps us to organize them, visualize them more accurately, and follow through more effectively.

We especially love weekly planning printables because they are such a great way to see an overview of everything we want to accomplish in a seven-day period. When our time is well planned, we accomplish more and get closer and closer to achieving our biggest goals!

Because we know that everyone likes to organize their week a little bit differently, we’ve created five different weekly planning printables for you to choose from today. Download the one you like best or snag them all and switch it up from week to week– the choice is yours!

Download the Weekly Planner Printable Options

We’ve created several different weekly plan setups for you to choose from. There are three one-page options where you can see all of your information for the week on a single sheet…

Single Page Weekly Planner Templates from freeorganizingprintables.com

And we’ve also created two two-page weekly planning options that offer even more planning space!

Each printable comes in two different color schemes– pink/purple and blue/green. You can download all of the weekly plan printables by clicking on the button below.

Weekly Plan Two-Page Spread Options at freeorganizingprintables.com

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One-Page Printable Weekly Planner

Our first one-page weekly plan printable is very simple, with a box for planning each day of the week. This would be a great option for people who love to make lists and don’t want a bunch of extra features cluttering up their weekly plan.

One-Page Weekly Plan Printable, Part of the Life Planning Binder at freeorganizingprintables.com

It can be helpful to print out several copies of your preferred weekly planning template at once and pop them into a binder or folder so they are ready each week when you need them.

Week Planner with Priorities, Habit Tracker, and Meal Plan

The second single-page weekly planner has room to plan for each day of the week, but it has several additional features as well.

At the top, we can note our top priorities for the week in order to help keep our focus in the right place. There’s room to track a few habits if we’re working on being consistent in a few different areas.

Weekly Plan with Habit Tracker and Meal Planning at freeorganizingprintables.com

At the bottom of the page, there’s room to create our weekly meal plan so we can easily see at a glance what we’re having each day.

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Week Planner Templates with To-Do List

When we’re deciding how to spend our time each day, it can be helpful to have our to-do list handy. This printable puts the to-do list and the plan for each day of the week side by side!

Weekly Plan with To-Do List at freeorganizingprintables.com

We like to brainstorm our to-do list for the week first and then assign each task to a specific day for implementation. But you can use this printable in the way that works best for you!

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Free Printable Weekly Planner Two-Page Spread with Habit Tracking

We’ve made it to our two-page weekly planning printables! Along with tons and tons of space to plan each day of the week, this printable also features a habit tracker at the top. It’s amazing how just checking off a small box can really motivate us to adopt a new healthy habit!

Two-Page Weekly Planning Printable, Part of the Life Planning Binder at freeorganizingprintables.com

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Hourly Week Planner with Time Blocking

Our final weekly printable is another two-pager. It has space to determine our priorities for the week at the top. Then on each day of the work/school week, there is a box at the top to jot down our to-do list.

Once we’ve created our to-do list, the day is broken down into hourly segments for time blocking.

Two-Page Weekly Planning Printable with Time Blocking at freeorganizingprintables.com

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If you’re not familiar with time blocking, it simply means that we assign each item on our to-do list to a specific time slot during the day. While this might sound a little constricting at first, it is actually pretty freeing!

If we’re working on a project and remember we haven’t checked our email for a while, for example, we can feel confident that we already have email scheduled in later in the day, so we don’t need to interrupt the progress we’re making on our project to check it.

Time blocking keeps us from getting distracted because we know we only have so much time to work on the task at hand before we need to move on to the next thing.

This weekly planning printable with time blocking will help us stay on track and accomplish more!

There’s more where that came from!

The weekly planning pages are part of our free printable Life Planning Binder! See all of the printables in the Life Planning Binder and snag your copy in this post!

Free Weekly Planner Template: Final Thoughts

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Sometimes we find a way of organizing our week that we love and stick with that method for good. Other times we get in a rut and need to switch it up to put some new energy into our productivity.

Either way, we hope all of these weekly planning printable options will be helpful for you as you set out to work toward your goals each week. We can’t wait to see what all you accomplish!

Printable Weekly Planner Pages: Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking to create your own DIY planner, we’d love to help with that!

  1. Grab the three-ring binder of your choice.
  2. Download our two-page monthly spread calendars.
  3. Download the two-page weekly planner pages of your choice from the post above.
  4. Print them out, punch holes in the pages, and put them together in the binder to form your planner.
  5. Use tabbed dividers between each month, if desired.
  6. Feel free to add any of our other productivity printables that would be helpful for you!

To create a simple weekly plan…

  1. Print out the weekly planning printable of your choice from the post above.
  2. Write in any appointments, meetings, or other events you have scheduled for the week.
  3. Add other items you’d like to accomplish during the week, putting the most important items on days you know you will have ample time to achieve them.
  4. Be sure to leave some buffer time in case things take longer than you’ve planned.
  5. Follow your plan throughout the week, and enjoy the sense of accomplishment you feel at the end!

We recommend our daily routine printables! They will help you map out a morning, afternoon, and evening routine so you can set yourself up for the most productive week possible.

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Free Printable Weekly Planning Pages, part of the Life Planning Binder at freeorganizingprintables.com

Happy Organizing!

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see our disclosures here.

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