Printable Vet Record Template and Pet Vaccination Record

Keep a thorough medical history for your pet with this printable vet record template and pet vaccination record. Track vet visits, symptoms, treatment, and more!

Free Printable Vet Visit Log and Pet Vaccination Printable at

We love our pets and want to make sure they’re as happy and healthy as possible, right?! One of the ways we can do that is by keeping a thorough documentation of any illnesses and/or vet visits they might experience.

Now, we get it. “Documentation” sounds kind of boring.

BUT! We just so happen to have some pretty little printables that will help make keeping track of your pet’s health way easier (and much cuter too 😉 ).

Free Printable Vet Forms Printables and Pet Vaccine Record

So why is it so important to keep track of our pet’s vet visits and vaccinations?

Well first, keeping a thorough log can provide a detailed history for both ourselves and the vet. This can help us more easily spot any trends or recurring issues that our pet may have so that they can get an accurate diagnosis and effective care.

Having an accurate log of our pet’s medical history also comes in handy when we’re filling out forms. Need to know the date of their last immunization? Got it!

Need to know the last time they had similar symptoms to what they’re currently experiencing? It’s on the form!

Want to figure out how long they’ve been on their current medication? You’re so smart that you wrote it down on the sheets!

Keeping detailed and accurate records helps you and your vet care for your beloved pet in the most effective way possible.

Free Printable Vet Record Template and Pet Vaccination Record, Part of the Home Binder at

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Printable Vet Forms

We have two helpful pet-related medical forms for you today. The first is our vet visit log.

At the top there is space to write the pet’s name, breed, and birthdate. After that, you can keep track of all of their vet appointment details on a handy, easy-to-read chart.

There’s room to note the date of the visit and which vet you saw. You can log the reason you visited the vet in the first place, along with the treatment they prescribed. And finally, there’s space in the notes section to write down any other details you want to make sure you remember about the visit.

Like all of our printables, the vet visit log is available in two cute color schemes. You can snag it by clicking on the button below.

Free Printable Vet Visit Log, Part of the Free Printable Home Management Binder at

Pet Vaccination Record

The second printable in this set is our pet vaccination record. We know it can be tricky to keep all of those immunizations straight, so we wanted to provide an easy way to keep all of the information organized.

Again, there’s space to note the pet’s name, breed, and birthdate at the top of the form.

On the chart below, you can write down the date and which vaccine(s) your pet received. You can also make a note of who administered the shot, along with the date of their next scheduled dose, if applicable.

Finally, the notes column lets you document any extra information, like reactions your pet may have had to the dose or what to expect for the vaccination’s side effects.

You can download the pet vaccination record in both available color schemes by clicking on the button below.

Free Printable Pet Vaccination Record at

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Where should I keep my free printable pet vaccination record and vet visit forms?

We recommend taking the vet visit log and vaccination sheet to each appointment so you can keep track of your pet’s info without forgetting smaller details.

Consider putting together a binder or folder with all of your pet’s information and leaving it in your home’s command center or tucked away in an entry cabinet or drawer so you can easily grab it on your way out the door to the vet appointment.

Or if there are certain toys, comfort items, or other objects that you typically take to appointments for your pet, consider storing your pet binder with those things so you can gather them all at the same time as you prepare for the appointment.

Free Printable Vet Record Template and Pet Vaccination Record from

There’s more where that came from!

The vet visit log and pet vaccination record are part of our free printable Home Management Binder! See all of the pages in the Home Binder here.

Free Printable Vet Records: Final Thoughts

Our pets are such a special part of our family. We always want the best for them. One of the best ways we can be proactive about their health and care is to keep records of their significant medical events so we can spot signs of medical issues early.

Not only is this beneficial for our pet, but it will keep our furry (and feathered!) friends around longer so we can benefit from their love and presence as well.

Free Printable Vet Visit Logs from

It doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. We hope our simple vet printable forms will help you easily document your pet’s health history so they can live long and happy lives with you by their side.

Vet Record Template and Pet Vaccination Record: Frequently Asked Questions

Every type of pet can benefit from record keeping! We never know when our pets are going to run into medical issues. It will always be helpful for us to have a clear, documented history of their medical events and care. No matter what type of pet you’re caring for, having thorough, accurate information about their health can come in handy in any number of situations.

It’s important to make sure our pet’s needs are met. This includes:

  • Providing food and water
  • Showing affection and love
  • Providing opportunities for play and exercise
  • Making sure the pet is clean and well groomed
  • Disposing of the pet’s waste properly
  • Providing extra training for the pet, if necessary
  • Visiting the vet consistently

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Happy Organizing!

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