Free Christmas Gift List Printable

Grab our free Christmas gift list printable to organize your gift giving this holiday season! Brainstorm a list of ideas, set a budget, track your purchases, and more!

Free Christmas Gift List Printable, Part of the Home Binder at

It can be tricky to keep track of all the gifts we want to give for holidays, birthdays, and other special events throughout the year. We want to make our loved ones feel special on their big days, and that starts with getting organized.

We’ve created a cute printable gift list to help organize all of your giving at Christmas and throughout the year. Let’s check it out!

Why do we need a Christmas gift list printable?

The holidays can be totally chaotic. We have tons of kids’ events, get togethers, concerts, activities, and traditions that we’re trying to fit in, along with managing gifting.

We’re often buying gifts for several people at once, and keeping track of everyone’s needs and preferences, along with budget and whether or not we’ve actually purchased the gifts can be a lot.

Having a Christmas gift list printable helps us keep track of all of these details in an organized way so we don’t forget anyone, go over budget, or run out of gift ideas.

Download the Free Printable Gift List

Whether you’re getting organized for Christmas and the other winter holidays or want to make sure you always have plenty of ideas for your loved ones’ birthdays, these cute gift list printables can help make sure you don’t miss a thing.

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Free Gift List Printables, Part of the Home Organization Binder at

How to Use the Free Printable Gift List

This gift list printable helps organize giving by person. We first note the recipient’s name, the budget we have in mind for their gift(s), and the date on which their gifts will be received.

Then there is space to list out all of the gift ideas we come up with for that particular person. Next to the gift idea, we can note the price and check off when we’ve bought and wrapped the gift.

Free Printable Gift List, Part of the Home Binder at

With all of your gifting information in one place, you’ll always have the perfect gift bought, wrapped, and delivered on time!

Free Printable Birthday Gift List

This gift list certainly comes in handy at Christmas when we’re typically buying for several people at one time. But it is also helpful for keeping track of birthday gifts throughout the year!

We have one central spot to notate gift ideas. If our loved one mentions something they’d like, starts a new hobby, or we realize there’s something they could really use, we can add it to their list whether it’s close to their birthday or not. Then when their birthday rolls around, we’ll have a whole list of gift ideas ready to go. So convenient!

Free Printable Gift List from

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Gathering Gift Ideas

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So how do we figure out the best gift ideas for each of our loved ones? One easy way would be to simply hand them the printable page and have them jot down a few ideas in their section.

If you don’t want to ask the recipient for gift ideas directly, a parent, partner, or sibling is often a helpful resource, knowing what the gifts the person might benefit from receiving.

Major shopping sites like Amazon, Target, and Nordstrom often have gift categories broken down by age, gender, interest, and more. And bloggers offer tons of helpful gift guides on their sites for Christmas, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and other special days as well.

Consider gifts that give back! Many businesses offer really cute and useful gifts whose proceeds also benefit important causes.

There’s more where that came from!

Free Christmas Gift List Printable: Final Thoughts

Gifting doesn’t have to be difficult or overwhelming! A little bit of planning and forethought can really go a long way in helping to keep our gift giving organized, making it less stressful.

We hope our pretty printable gift list will help make your holidays, birthdays, and other special days a lot easier in the coming years!

Gift List Printable: Frequently Asked Questions

If we’re having trouble coming up with Christmas gift ideas, we like to think about what the recipient would appreciate in the following categories:

  • something they want
  • something they need
  • a gift they can wear
  • a gift they can read

Thinking about gifts from this perspective usually helps to get ideas flowing so we can come up with the perfect presents for everyone on our list!

Shopping early for the holidays has many benefits. Because we have more time, we can pay close attention to the prices of items we’re considering as gifts and purchase them when they’re on sale to save money.

When we shop early, we will feel less stressed when the holiday season comes around because we’ll be more prepared. We’ll also have more time to spend with our loved ones because we aren’t rushing around trying to buy gifts.

If you know your gift recipients are trying to minimize clutter in their homes, consider giving experience gifts instead. This can include things like:

  • restaurant gift cards
  • vouchers for movie theaters
  • tickets to an amusement park or theme park
  • tickets to a sporting event
  • concert tickets
  • making a donation to a cause that’s important to them
  • gift certificates for manicures, pedicures, massages or other self care treatments
  • book a family photo shoot
  • gift cards for golfing, ice skating, a rock climbing center, or other athletic activity
  • hotel or airline gift cards

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Happy Organizing!

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