Free Perpetual Calendar Printable

Use this free perpetual calendar printable to keep track of dates and events for any year! Keep a log of what you accomplished each day, remember special birthdays and anniversaries, reach your goals, start new habits, and more!

Free Printable Perpetual Calendar, part of the Life Planning Binder at freeorganizingprintables.com

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: calendars are one of our most favorite organizing tools! There are just so many ways to use them to keep track of many different areas of our life.

We’ve shared a lot of calendars on this site. We have dated and undated one-page calendars. We have two-page monthly calendars. And we even have a cute birthday calendar page for keeping track of important anniversaries and yearly events.

Today we wanted to add one more helpful calendar to our repertoire– a perpetual calendar printable!

What is a perpetual calendar?

If you’re not familiar with the term, a perpetual calendar is one that is not specific to any one year. The numbered dates are not assigned to a particular day of the week, so the calendar can be used no matter what year it is.

Perpetual Calendar Printables from freeorganizingprintables.com

In the case of a paper perpetual calendar, it can be used to record birthdays, anniversaries, and other special events that occur on the same day each year (as with our birthday calendar).

They are also great for logging daily information on a particular topic or planning out future daily tasks. Anything you are looking to track on a consistent basis can easily be done on this type of calendar.

Here are some examples of things that you could do with a perpetual calendar:

  • Create a reading log to track pages or chapters read or number of minutes read.
  • Keep track of workouts or miles run.
  • Log symptoms for an illness.
  • Plan or track meals.
  • Track daily health-related numbers like blood sugar, blood pressure, weight, etc.
  • Measure progress toward a big goal you’re working to reach. It can be really motivating to see our small daily wins!
  • Log the number of words written for a novel/blog post/essay/article.
  • Keep track of how you’re feeling each day in order to spot trends and make changes to improve your overall health.
  • Write down what you’re grateful for every day.
  • Track babies’ milestones as they grow.
  • And so many more!

Any time you want to plan, log, or track something, this calendar printable is a super easy tool to do just that.

Perpetual Calendar Printable

Ready to grab your very own perpetual calendar? Like all of our printables, we’re offering it in two cute color schemes– pink/purple and blue/green.

Download both by clicking on the button below.

Perpetual Monthly Calendar Printables from freeorganizingprintables.com

Use the perpetual calendar for any year!

One of the best features of the perpetual calendar is that it can be used for any year.

If you have a project you want to plan a few years into the future? It can help with that.

If you want to look back and track events that happened in the past? It’s great for that too.

No matter what year, date, age, or stage you’re working in, the perpetual calendar can help you stay organized.

Free Printable Perpetual Calendars from freeorganizingprintables.com

Perpetual calendars are especially helpful for people who love to make lists! The boxed calendar format has a lot of upsides, but if we’re looking to keep track of a daily task and prefer a list view, this perpetual calendar would be the way to go.

It’s such an easy way to track progress at a glance, with the entire month laid out in a linear fashion on the same page.

There’s more where that came from!

The perpetual calendar printable is part of our free printable Life Planning Binder! See all of the printables in the Life Planning Binder and snag your copy in this post!

Perpetual Calendar Printables: Final Thoughts

This may be one of our simpler printables, but it is still extremely effective! Perpetual calendars can be used in so many ways and are a great organization tool to have in our arsenal. It really can do so much.

We hope that this printable will help you organize the areas of your life that matter most to you!

Free Printable Perpetual Calendar: Frequently Asked Questions

We have many free printable calendar options, and you can print as many as you would like!

If you’d like to try making your own printable calendar, we recommend canva.com.

Though we are using perpetual calendar as it refers to paper printables, it can also refer to a feature found in some watches.

If a watch has a perpetual calendar, it means it automatically shows the correct day no matter which month it is, even taking leap years into account. These types of watches will often show the moon phase as well.

A wooden perpetual calendar can be adjusted– usually manually– to show the current month and day. There are a few different ways this could happen.

One style of wooden perpetual calendar is created by flipping wooden blocks to achieve the correct month and day (and sometimes day of the week as well).

Another style works by adjusting a circular wheel to show the current month, day, and day of the week.

Finally, it could take the form of a wooden calendar hanging flat on the wall, where you change small squares or circular disks to accurately reflect the current month.

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Happy Organizing!

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