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Use this bill tracker printable to keep track of monthly, quarterly, or yearly recurring payments like utility bills, subscriptions, car payments, student loan payments, mortgage or rent, and more.

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Bills, bills, bills! Whether we like it or not, most of us probably have a long list of bills that we are responsible for paying monthly, quarterly, annually, or at some other regular interval.

With so many recurring payments to keep track of, it can be helpful to have a single list of them all in one place so we can make sure we’re paying everything on time. This simple printable is designed to help us organize all of our recurring bills with ease.

What are recurring expenses?

Recurring expenses are payments that we have to make over and over again, usually at a regular interval. These can be monthly payments, quarterly payments, yearly payments, etc.

Some examples of recurring expenses are…

  • Mortgage or rent
  • Car payment
  • Student loans
  • Utilities (electric, gas, water, sewer, etc.)
  • Cable or streaming services
  • Internet service
  • Cell phone and/or home phone
  • Subscriptions (apps, magazines, software, etc.)
  • Membership fees (gym, clubs, organizations, etc.)

Keeping track of our recurring expenses gives us a clearer picture of our spending and ensures that our bills are paid on time.

In contrast, variable expenses are expenses that change from month to month (think: groceries, gas, clothing, gifts, etc.). Learn more about tracking variable expenses with our expense tracking worksheets or printable cash envelopes.

Download the Free Printable Bill Tracker Template

First things first– download the free printable recurring bill tracker by clicking on the button below. (Like all of our printables, the bill tracker is available in two cute color schemes– pink/purple and blue/green!)

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How to Use the Monthly Bill Tracker

Once we have our bill tracker printed out, it’s time to fill it in!

The easiest way to generate a list of our recurring bills is to take a look at our past bank statements. These will typically be available to view easily on our online banking platform. Past bank statements will give us a clear picture of what is due when, as well as how much we’ll owe.

If you’d like, as you’re making your list, you can keep all monthly bills together, all quarterly bills together, all yearly bills together, etc.

For each recurring bill, there is space to write down what it is, the amount of the bill, and when it is due.

Free Printable Recurring Bill Tracker from

After we’ve made our list of recurring bills, there are 12 checkboxes for each one, representing the months of the year. Each time we pay a particular bill, we can check off the appropriate month to signify that that bill has been taken care of.

It will feel so great to have the peace of mind of knowing that all of our bills have been paid on time and are organized neatly!

What if the amount of the bill varies?

If the amount of the bill varies each month (like the electric bill, for example), we generally like to list what it would be when it is on the high side, just so we know we’re accounting for the highest amount of money that we will need to set aside to cover this bill.

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You may also prefer to list an average so the amount paid evens out to the amount listed over time. This is completely a personal preference thing, so feel free to use the strategy you’re most comfortable with.

(To create your monthly budget and see the difference between your budgeted amount and the actual amount spent each month, snag our free printable budget worksheet.)

There’s more where that came from!

The bill tracker printable is part of our free printable Budget Binder! See all the printables in the Budget Binder and snag your copy in this post!

Printable Bill Tracker: Final Thoughts

Paying bills doesn’t have to be stressful! When we create a budget, track our spending, and are intentional about how we use our money, it can actually be pretty exciting to see our finances working in our favor.

We hope this recurring bill tracker printable will be a helpful tool in your arsenal as you work to improve your finances with intentionality. You can do it!

Bill Tracker Printable: Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely! If you prefer to go the digital route rather than the pencil and paper route, managing your finances with an app could be a great choice for you.

Some of the most common budgeting apps include Mint, YNAB (You Need a Budget), GoodBudget, Nerd Wallet, and EveryDollar.

Another solution would be to utilize a hybrid system. Use a free app like Mint to pull all of your account information into one place, and then use our free budget printables to keep track of various categories and check off whenever payments have been made.

Everyone’s brain will work a little differently. The key to managing our finances effectively is finding a system that we’ll stick with long term.

Budgeting is the process of creating a spending plan based on our income and expenses. By allocating specific amounts of money for various spending categories, we can be more intentional about how we use our money, allowing us to spend less and save more.

Create an effective budget with these simple steps:

  1. Figure out your net income.
  2. Record recurring expenses. (The printable above can help!)
  3. Keep track of variable expenses (like groceries, gas, clothing, gifts, etc.).
  4. Set goals for saving and paying down debt.
  5. As you track your budget month after month, make changes as necessary.

Learn more about how to create a simple budget and snag our free printable budget worksheet here.

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Happy Organizing!

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