5+ Free Printable Savings Tracker Pages

Grab these fun printable savings tracker pages as an encouraging visual representation of how much you’ve saved! Watch them fill up as you reach your savings goals!

5 Savings Tracker Printables, part of the Free Printable Budget Binder from freeorganizingprintables.com

We all like the idea of saving money, but actually saving money can be a bit trickier. When it comes down to the day-to-day of cutting our spending and living more frugally, changing our habits is tough!

But what if we could make saving money a little bit more fun?

We’re always amazed at how a simple printable can help motivate us to reach our goals, and that’s exactly why we created these pretty and practical savings trackers just for you!

Fun Savings Tracker Printables

Managing our finances doesn’t have to be boring! We have five fun savings tracker printables that each come in two cute color schemes. That’s a total of 10 printable pages to help you meet your savings goals!

Fun Savings Tracker Printables from freeorganizingprintables.com

Whether you prefer a straightforward chart, a simple roadmap, or a more creative method of tracking your savings, we have a printable page that’s perfect for you. Learn more about them and snag your favorite(s) below!

Savings Tracker Chart

Our first savings printable that is a chart that allows us to watch our savings climb! At the top of the page, we’ll list our savings goal.

There are 20 boxes in the “Amount” section of the chart, each one representing 5% of the amount we’d like to save. We’ll write the total amount we want to save in the top box, then subtract 5% and write that amount in the second box, etc.

For example, if we’d like to save $1,000, we’d write $1,000 in the top box, $950 in the second box, $900 in the third box, and so on.

Savings Tracker Chart from freeorganizingprintables.com

In the “Month” section at the bottom of the page, we’ll start with the current month and continue with subsequent months.

Each month, we’ll record the amount we’ve saved by coloring in the boxes until we reach our goal savings amount. The bar on our chart will go up and up and up until it’s completely colored in!

Savings Tracker Chart Filled In

Savings Tracker Road Map

The savings tracker road map follows our journey to reaching our savings goal! There’s space to note our goal at the top. There are 100 boxes, each representing 1% of our goal, so we can also list the amount that each box represents at the top of the page.

For example, if our goal was to save $10,000, each box would equal $100 saved. Every time we save $100 more, we color in another box, starting with the first box at the bottom of the page and working our way to the top.

Savings Tracker Road Map from freeorganizingprintables.com

Piggy Bank Savings Tracker

What better way to represent our savings than with a piggy bank?! As with the previous savings trackers, there is a spot to write our savings goal at the top.

There are 100 empty circles in the piggy bank, each one representing 1% of our savings goal. We can note how much money each circle stands for at the top of the page as well.

For example, if we want to save $5,000, each circle would represent $50 saved. Every time we save $50 toward our goal, we’d color in another circle in the piggy bank.

Savings Tracker Piggy Bank from freeorganizingprintables.com

Savings Tracker Jar

Similar to the piggy bank, the savings tracker jar helps us track our saving 1% at a time. With 100 circles in the jar, we’ll fill one in each time we reach 1% more of our savings goal.

We can write the savings goal we’ve made at the top, along with the dollar amount that each circle represents. If our goal is to save $2,000, for example, each circle would represent $20.

Savings Tracker Jar from freeorganizingprintables.com

Jewel Savings Tracker

Get a little fancy with our jewel savings tracker! There are 100 jewels in the bowl, and we can color one in each time we reach 1% of our savings goal.

We’ll write our savings goal at the top, along with noting the dollar amount that each jewel represents. Then it’s time to get saving!

Jewel Savings Tracker from freeorganizingprintables.com

There’s more where that came from!

The savings trackers are part of our free printable Budget Binder! See all the printables in the Budget Binder and snag your copy in this post!

Free Printable Savings Tracker Coloring Pages: Final Thoughts

Saving money should not feel like horrible agony. It should be fun and exciting! We are shoring up our financial future and making responsible choices that will benefit us and our families in the long run. And if our savings trackers can play even a small role in helping that happen, we will be absolutely thrilled! You can do it!

Free Savings Tracker Printables from freeorganizingprintables.com

Savings Tracker Printable: Frequently Asked Questions

One of the best ways to start saving more money is to create a budget. A budget helps us to be more intentional about how we use our money. We always know where our dollars are going and can make smarter choices when our finances are organized.

Our Budget Binder is full of tons of printables that can help you get organized, and you can learn how to create a simple budget here.

Here are 10 ways to help you save $1000 fast:

  1. Track your spending.
  2. Cook at home rather than eating out.
  3. Save on groceries by purchasing generic brands or shopping at discounted stores like Aldi.
  4. Clip coupons.
  5. Sell items that you no longer love or use often.
  6. Participate in a no spend month.
  7. Try shelf cooking.
  8. Put a temporary spending freeze on items like clothing, home decor, and new electronics.
  9. Make fewer trips to the store so you’re not tempted by impulse buys.
  10. Try the cash envelope method.

For the 52-week money saving challenge, you set aside a certain amount of money each week, allowing you to save over $1300 by the end of the year.

The first week, you set aside $1. The second week, save $2. The third week, you save $3, and so on– all the way up to saving $52 in week 52.

Learn more about the 52-week money challenge here.

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