5+ Free Printable To Do List Templates

These free printable to do list templates will help you organize your thoughts and ensure that you don’t forget a thing! Grab the printable that best fits your project, preference, or personality or snag all of them and mix and match!

5 To Do List Printables for Planning and Productivity from freeorganizingprintables.com

Sometimes we just need to dump out all of our thoughts, tasks, and responsibilities on a to do list so we can get them organized. It’s amazing how getting things out of our heads and down onto paper can help give us clarity and enable us to formulate a plan.

Since we know how effective to do lists can be, we wanted to provide several options for you to use to get organized. You can download all of them below!

Download 5 Printable To Do List Options

From super simple to more strategic, our five printable to do list options offer a little something for every type of planner! As always, all of the printables are available in two cute color schemes– pink/purple and blue/green.

Download them all by clicking on the button below.

5 Free Printable To Do List Templates from freeorganizingprintables.com

Single Column To-Do List

Our first to do list is as simple as it gets. We’ve provided a single-column list with space to get all of your thoughts down. And of course we had to provide boxes to check off as we complete each item. Ahhhhh… so satisfying!

Single Column To-Do List from freeorganizingprintables.com

Consider printing several copies of the to do list(s) of your choice and popping them into a binder or folder so they’re there when you need them.

Two-Column To Do List Templates

Our second to do list option is similar to the first, just with two columns instead of one. That means it fits double the to-dos! If you’re making a really big list of tasks, this printable would be perfect for you.

Two-Column To-Do List, Part of the Life Planning Binder at freeorganizingprintables.com

Again, check off your items as you complete each one and gain the satisfaction that comes with finishing the job!

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Categorized To Do List Printable

If you prefer a little more structure, this to do list breaks down our tasks into categories. Simply write the category at the top of the box and jot down the related tasks on the lines underneath.

To-Do List by Category at freeorganizingprintables.com

Some of the categories you could use would be…

  • Personal tasks
  • Work tasks
  • Individual school subjects
  • Kid-related to-dos
  • Cleaning tasks or chores
  • Home maintenance tasks
  • Church or volunteering to-dos
  • Books to read
  • Movies or shows to watch
  • Podcasts to listen to
  • Recipes to try
  • And more!

Whatever categories you want to keep track of, you can use this to-do list to do it!

Cute To Do List Based on Task Urgency

Sometimes it’s helpful to break down our to do list by when certain tasks need to happen.

This list helps us clarify what is urgent and needs to be done today. It has space to plan out what we need to do tomorrow.

We can write down what needs to be done by the end of the week. And we can put non-urgent items on the schedule for next week.

To-Do List Organized by Due Date, part of the Free Printable Life Planning Binder at freeorganizingprintables.com

Then we can simply attack the items on our list in order of urgency, and everything will get done on time!

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Eisenhower Matrix Daily To Do List Template

The final to do list is one of our favorites. You may never have heard the phrase “Eisenhower Matrix” before, but you’ve probably seen the four-quadrant decision making system at some point in your life.

The Eisenhower Matrix helps us weigh the urgency and importance of each of our tasks and then take specific actions on those tasks based on where they fall in the matrix.

Tasks that are both urgent and important go in the upper left quadrant. These are the tasks that we’ll want to do first.

Tasks that are less urgent but still important are placed in the upper right quadrant. We’ll want to add these tasks to our schedule to make sure they are completed within the necessary timeframe.

Eisenhower Matrix Free Printable To-Do List at freeorganizingprintables.com

Tasks that are urgent but are less important go in the lower left quadrant of the matrix. We should try to delegate these tasks if at all possible so we can spend our time on other things.

And finally, tasks that are neither urgent nor important go in the lower right quadrant of the matrix. We should consider crossing these tasks off our list and not spending our time on them at all.

When we’re feeling overwhelmed by everything on our to do list, employing the Eisenhower Matrix can help us put things into perspective and prioritize so we are spending our time on what is truly important.

There’s more where that came from!

Our to do list templates are part of our free printable Life Planning Binder! See all of the printables in the Life Planning Binder and snag your copy in this post!

Daily To Do List Printables: Final Thoughts

We hope you found a to do list in this post that will be helpful for you! It’s amazing how much more we can accomplish when we write down our tasks and have a plan for completing them.

To do lists are great tools for getting organized, prioritizing our time, and making things happen. Now get out there and start checking things off your list!

To Do List Printables: Frequently Asked Questions

To print the to-do lists provided in this post…

  1. Click on the pink button in the post above. The to-do lists will open in a new tab.
  2. Click the “print” button, often in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Choose the pages you want to print and hit the “print” button.
  4. Enjoy your pretty printable to-do lists!

To make a simple to-do list…

  1. Print the to-do list of your choice by clicking the pink button above.
  2. Think through the areas of responsibility in your life and write down the tasks you’d like to complete in each one.
  3. Prioritize your tasks, considering what needs to be done first, which tasks will make the biggest impact, and which tasks you’ll enjoy the most.
  4. Get to work! Starting with the most urgent and important tasks, begin knocking them out one by one until you’ve completed everything on your to-do list.
  5. Celebrate! You’ve accomplished a lot!

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5+ Free Printable To Do List Templates from freeorganizingprintables.com

Happy Organizing!

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